What’s new in Bubble Breaker 2!!!

Written By: Arcade Kids - Aug• 13•12

Bubble Breaker 2 is an interesting and addictive game which is a sequel of bubble breaker. For avoiding the confusion of name go http://www.bubble-breaker.net/bubble-breaker-2/  and play the right game!

What is new in Bubble Breaker 2?  Here, is your answer; there are 22 different levels with graphical improvement. There are six gaming modes with different goals, and all of them have their own difficulty level. Another interesting addition of this game is that color blind people can also play this game.  The playing rule of Bubble Breaker 2 is as same as it was in Bubble Breaker. You just have to pop the same colored group of bubble. A group can be of 2 bubbles. You just have to find the group and pop the bubbles.

The attraction and charm of this game lies in its simplicity. You do not have to give much time to learn Bubble Breaker 2. So, what are you waiting for? Play and Enjoy!!!

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