Use easy controls in Four Wheel Fury

Written By: Arcade Kids - May• 07•15

Like to play the game that provides you the facility of driving the vehicles? Love to earn more and more points? Well, Four Wheel Fury is for you where you have to complete the task first to gain extra bonus and to win the game. You will find several ribbons along the way, must collect them if you need to earn more points. A very funny game for all ages including kids, teens, and adults. There are a few game’s controls which are easy to follow and use. The controls are the arrow keys, a few numbers such as 1, and 2, and M key.
The player will need to press the arrow keys when he will drive, changing the view can be performed by pressing the 1 and the 2 key. Toggling the map would be possible by pressing the M key.

Four Wheel Fury

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