Train and serve in Assault C 2

Written By: Arcade Kids - Nov• 15•15

Assault C 2 is a flash game that is related to military. It also stands for Assault Course 2. This is a new 3D game that offers entertainment and learnings to people who will engage with it. As we all know, being in the military is not an easy thing because you have to undergo some tough trainings before you can move forward. Good thing, there is a flash game that lets you tackle the military training without sweating a bit. You will find out more about this game if you continue reading this whole article.

Assault C 2 (3)

The player’s objective is to help the character in the game who is a soldier undergoing military training. There will be a series of obstacles and exercises that the soldier must execute with excellence. You will have to help him by navigating and guiding him throughout the training. Help him roll and jump on certain obstacles and make sure that he will finish all of them in time. The main website of this game can be found online.

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