Sushi Cat 1-Nice Free Game

Written By: Arcade Kids - May• 23•14

Sushi Cat 1 is the first installment of the series which has been published online as a free game. In this great game you have to help Sushi cat to save his wife from the chief. The chief has kidnapped Sushi’s wife and now you have to save her. Find the game on this link
Sushi Cat 1 is very thrilling game to play and when you will try it you will feel very good. What are you thinking? You should start playing this game online right now and obviously you will get fun from it. It is a nice board game and you will really enjoy the time with it. There is nothing to worry about the graphical view of the game. Although it is a flash game it has very good graphical view and you will enjoy your time a lot with the game. As the game is a free one you can play it online when needed and it will be a wonderful time to pass with this game.


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