strike force heroes 4 game

Written By: Arcade Kids - Dec• 15•16

If you love action-packed war-like games, this is a great site to visit. Play all Strike Force Heroes game series and experience the fun of defending your base, conquering enemy terrain and protecting your own. Shoot all enemies you will see in sight.

The newest in the series, Strike Force Heroes 4, is yet another addicting and exciting shooting game. And it is not only about shooting; you also need to involve techniques and strategies. Kill all enemies you see; be quick though or you will be the one killed. And do not forget to pick power-ups.


You can play Strike Force Heroes 4 in two modes: in the Campaigns and in the Challenges. Make sure you have the right weapons and the skillful team for the Campaigns so they will not be too hard to survive. Whenever you finish a mission, you will unlock weapons. Though you can also buy them in the game shop using the cash you have earned during the game. Try playing in the slot machine too, you might win some unique and powerful weapons. These kinds of weapons are greatly useful in the battle. Visit the great site of the game series.

On the other hand, in the Challenges mode, your skills will be put into test. You will be facing death matches wherein you have to survive and finish the level. And when you finish a challenge, you will be unlocking additional skills. You can also acquire those skills in the game shop. However, the prices of those skills are your precious soldiers. Will you take the risk of losing soldiers to gain skills?

Strike Force Heroes 4, like its predecessors, will not bore you. Every level of both the Campaigns and Challenges has different conditions or goal. In some levels, you will be required to kill as many enemy soldiers as possible. While in some, you will be required to kill a certain number of enemy soldiers. In other levels, you will be required to earn a certain number of points. Visit the Great site of Strike Force Heroes 4 to know more.

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