Solve a puzzle, destroy a base in Semantic Wars

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jul• 20•16

Defending the castle too easy? Then try invading an enemy castle with your forces while solving a word puzzle. Push your multitasking senses in Semantic Wars. Train your troops while filling the letters of a word. Yes, you have to do it in the same time. Run out of words and run out of troops. The goal of the game is to defeat enemy troops and destroy their castle. Train a warrior, an archer or a wizard depending on which type do you need, training requires money so you need to collect first.

So, you need to get all the letters in a phrase or word that will show in the bottom part of your screen. Each correct letter will give you money, while entering a wrong one will cost you some penalty, make sure that you are entering one letters at a time and make use of the clue on top of the word.There are also boxes that fall from the sky which contain some loot money and letters to the word you are currently solving. After destroying the enemy base, you will be scored based on word accuracy and time. There are 3 levels of the game that will keep you busy for the time being, now you can combine destroying and learning at the same time.

Semantic Wars (1)

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