Snail Bob 5 – A Great Game!

Written By: Arcade Kids - Nov• 15•13

The fifth installment of the Snail Bob series is a great one. The gamers who have played the previous versions of the Snail Bob game will easily notice how better this new installment is. The quality of graphics has improved immensely in Snail Bob 5. The game runs smoothly and there are no lags in the middle. The developers have done a good job. This means that gamers will enjoy a better gameplay now. The soundtrack is also fun to listen to. The objective of the game remains the same. You have to offer guidance to Snail Bob and save him from trouble. The concept of the game is highly interesting. You will get hooked to the game once you start playing it. The game is so much fun! There will be a variety of puzzles presented to you in each level. Figure out each puzzle and the level will be complete.

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