Skywire 1: A colorful, adventurous and exciting game

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jul• 14•13

Skywire 1, brought to you by Nitrome, is an action game of skill. There are three people in some kind of thing like chair lift. Your mission is to take them to the goal line. There are 20 levels to complete and they get difficult as you move further. You must check the game since it is so much fun to play it.
There are many obstacles that try to stop you from reaching the goal line. Some of them are bomb dropping birds, parachuting pandas, swinging monkeys etc. If you touch any of these obstacles, one of your passengers out of three will fall! You must be careful that not one of your passenger falls. When you have cleared the level the screen will appear which will tell how many people you have saved, how much time is left and total score for the level. Your score is based on the remaining people multiplied by remaining time. Skywire is appropriate for ages 6 up. You will enjoy it very much and you will love this game and will want to play all day.

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