Show Your Basketball Skills In March Mania

Written By: Arcade Kids - Aug• 18•15

This is a real pleasure for basketball fans! If you play or like watching basketball matches, you will also love March Mania. This is a real basketball match where you can make your own team, and choose whatever outfit style you want for your players. This is a real basketball tournament and you are a manager. You will quickly get familiar with the controls. Your players will be able to do all the stuff that real players do. They will dunk, dodge, pass and shoot. You goal in this game is to win a match. Your players are stick figures. At the beginning you can choose a tutorial mode to practice. It is called Midnight Madness.
If you are a beginner in playing this game, maybe it is best to choose this mode first. Then you can choose tournament mode and play a real game! Try it out and have fun!


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