Ride your bike in Free Rider 3

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jul• 04•15

A bicycle is one of the oldest form of transportation which is also considered an environment friendly vehicle because of three factors. One is because it doesn’t require oil or gas so it will not release smoke that can harm the ozone layer. Second is because it is a good form of exercise which also makes it dual purpose. Last is because it is simple and handy unlike other vehicles which weights a lot. No wonder why it is incorporated in flash games like Free Rider 3. The main character in this game is a stickman who must ride his bike and race on the tracke created by the other racers.
The player must carefully guide the stickman in order to successfully finish the track without falling or bumping into obstacles. Use the keyboard to control the stickman’s jumping and moving abilities. Details about this game can be found in www.freerider2heavenorhell.com/free-rider-3. Search this website on your browser and be informed about this fantastic bicycle game. Play and enjoy it now!

Free Rider 3

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