Red Beard 2 is back with more adventures!

Written By: Arcade Kids - Apr• 27•15

Were you a fan of the game Red Beard? If you are, that’s great. You’re just one of the many people who have been won over by this awesome and amazing game. If you’ve been wanting to play more of this classic game for years and years and years, then your long wait is over because Red Beard is back with more. Red Beard 2 is the remake of the classic game. With better graphics and game play, this new game proves to be a worthy installment to the original game. In this, you get to play with more items like buttons, portals, tunnels and so much more! The creators of the game really made sure that your experience with the game will be nothing but the best.

Therefore, start playing Red Beard 2 and discover the joy of playing once again.

Red Beard 2

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