Red Beard 2 – An Improved Version!

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jul• 06•13

Maybe the original Red Beard game was unable to appeal to the gamers around the world, but there is hope that Red Beard 2 will turn out to be the best game ever. This platform game is full of puzzles that will amaze you. And this is what makes the game interesting. Those of you who like to take on new challenges must play this game. The first version did have bright graphics but only one soundtrack. These features will hopefully improve in the sequel. One thing that will help the second part to be immensely successful is the presence of a good storyline. A strong plot arouses the player’s curiosity and helps to sustain his or her interest in the game. The addition of new opponents, secret pathways, power ups, etc. are just some of the things that will lead to a better gameplay. The developers should create a game that only entertains but intrigues the players, as well.

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