red ball online game

Written By: Arcade Kids - Feb• 03•17

One adventure game you will truly enjoy playing is the Red Ball game series. You will love assisting the little red ball in all his undertakings, be it for fun or for heroism. You will find all sequels in

In Red Ball 1, there are seventeen levels to go through. As you play, you will get familiar with the controls and some techniques how to get through obstacles and problems. You can expect that levels will get harder as you go on. In Red Ball 2, king Red Ball had lost his crown while he was strolling. Afraid that his people will not recognize him as their king, he seeks for your help to find the lost crown. A love story began in Red Ball 3 when Red Ball had found the love of his life, Pink Ball. But while having fun, Black Ball saw them and thought he and Pink Ball are rather better together. And so he knocked down Red Ball and took Pink Ball away. Red Ball will do everything to take Pink Ball back.


Red Ball 4 came in trilogy. In Volume 1, a red ball was turned into a red square by Black Square. It was also shown that Black Square has captured some red balls which will also be turned into red squares. There was no mention whether Black Square is one and the same with Black Ball. In Volume 2, Red Ball continues in his journey to save the captive red balls and stop Black Square’s evil plans. In Volume 3, also known as Red Ball 6, Red Ball will enter the dangerous factory to finally save the red balls, the world and stop Black Square once and for all.

In Red Ball 5, the game diverted back to a simple adventure with added challenges. Red Ball must find the exit door of each level. But before he goes out, he should find hidden objects first and collect all gold stars as fast as possible. The Red Ball game series is a physics-based, puzzle and adventure game. It is one of the best adventure games you will find online.

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