Reach the unreachable space in Luis Launch

Written By: Arcade Kids - Nov• 19•15

Are you familiar with Luis Launch? Do you have any idea what is this all about? Have you encountered this before? If your answer to all the questions is a no, it is totally understandable. You will be informed eventually as you read this article. Luis Launch is an example of a flash game. It has something to do with the outer space. There are two reasons why you would love playing this game. One is because it is out of the box which means that it tackles the unusual themes making it distinctive and stand out among other games. Two is because it is fun, entertaining and awakening.

Luis Launch

Fun and entertaining which you will experience as the game progresses. Awakening in the sense that it will make your mind curious about endless possibilities that the world has. Luis Launch is about reaching the outer space. The player will have to help, guide and navigate the main character who is Luis Castanon. The reason of his adventure is to celebrate Luis Day. Help him collect beans for power ups and earn money for upgrades so that he can be successful in reaching the outer space.

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