Problems in Hotel Escape 2

Written By: Arcade Kids - May• 21•15

Hotel Escape 2 is here to give you excitement and so much fun! It is the second part of the Hotel Escape series. In this part, you will see a hotel room, which has been nicely and perfectly designed by the developers. The room was filled with different kinds of furniture and facilities. However, you will need and like to get some fresh air though. The game is not easy as it looks. It has many difficult levels, which should be completed successfully by the players.
Your mission is finding your way out. To escape from this hotel, you can use your mouse by pointing and clicking at any possible clues or items that could help you. You should be smart enough to find your way out. Your clicks are counted so you must think before you click. And once you start, your time is running! Start playing and try to find your way out as soon as possible!

Hotel Escape 2

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