Play Vex 2

Written By: Arcade Kids - Oct• 20•16

If you enjoy playing adventure games which will give you fun, try playing the Vex game series. Feel your adrenaline rush as you run, jump, swim and slide for your life. Play as the stick figure and head for the end of each Act. Levels in Vex games are called Acts. And the second installment, Vex 2, brings you more challenging Acts.

You might find it easy and simple when playing the first version of this game. If you are looking for harder challenges, this Vex 2 sequel is made for you. Before you begin and face the challenges, make yourself familiar first by taking the tutorial platform. You have to master first the game’s controls and how to play the game itself. You have been given ten acts to get it done. Be careful and make a perfect decision in your every single step because there are deadly obstacles along your way. Obstacles are more risky and are located everywhere.

This sequel, Vex 2, was developed to provide the numerous and continuous increasing demand of gamers after the release of the Vex 1 in only a very short span of time. This game has gained an amazing popularity not long after it was released. That is why there are a lot of improvements in this version since the acrobatic stickman is back in the show. These developments are made for the satisfaction and enjoyment of more and more online players.


Not only the improvements on the game this version is offered, it also offers the newly provided achievements room for you to check your track record on how you played the game and what you have just achieved. You can also find in this room what else you need to go through. There are in total of twenty nine accomplishments that you need to complete. Remember, you need to gain three stars at least to reach the seventh achievements. Unfortunately, it is not that simple to gain stars in Vex 2 version. As your achievement gets higher, the harder it is to get through. Accept the challenge now and survive the challenges.

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