Play rail rush 2 on your phone

Written By: Arcade Kids - May• 01•15

Have you satisfied at with playing the first edition of the series rail rush? If yes, then get ready for the 2nd one, rail rush 2. I believe you will enjoy it like you have the first one. Here you will see some new and different characters playing on the screen especially the character that are hidden and they are many. Anyhow, the first few levels are very hard and challenging because remembering the keys and buttons will be a tough task for you in this game to overcome. But if you are the player who has very good memory power, then it will not be a big issue for you at least.
The challenging part of this game is crossing the obstacles which are many in this game. An extremely nice interface has been designed for this game, and you are free to download it for your andriod phone as well.

rail rush 2

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