Plant Bombs to Kill Enemies in Bomb It

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jan• 11•13

Bomb It is an action game. Every moment of the game, you need to face difficulties. Enemies, obstacles, dead will looking forward to you throughout the whole game. The game has different sequels and each of them come with unique circumstances and they will keep you busy all the time. The game is available in internet. So, click here and start playing Bomb It.
In Bomb It game, in the beginning you have to choose a character of a robot that you are going to play. There will be four options and choose your favorite one. There will be enemies who will try their best to kill you. The game will be over with your killing. You have to protect yourself by killing your enemies with the help of bomb. Plant the bombs in such a way that you get enough time to run away from that place. Otherwise, you can be killed by your planted bomb.

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