Place The Right Blocks In Tower Blaster

Written By: Arcade Kids - Nov• 04•15

In this very amusing game you need to build your tower by collecting blocks. All blocks are numbered and your aim is to place them in the right numerical order. So the smallest number is at the top and the highest number at the bottom. You will of course have an opponent you will be doing the same thing and your goal is to finish first!

Controls of the game are quite simple and the tutorial explains everything. You just need to click on the block you want to use and then click where you want to place it. But you won’t see your opponent’s building because it is covered with a curtain. And if you place them in the good order you will receive a bonus. For example if you place block number 5 above number 6 you will get a bonus. So if you like what you heard about this game, try it out and have fun!!

Tower Blaster (4)

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