Pause the Rich Cars 4 with Esc

Written By: Arcade Kids - Apr• 08•15

Join the lifestyle of criminals who have a high style for their lives as they use many fancy cars and other costly things related to their standard. You will face many rich people as well as see high-quality drinks. The player can enjoy the game using new levels with a few unique advancement. This 4th version named Rich Cars 4 provides you more new cars and many upgrades with special bonuses and typical trophies to make the time in this version worthwhile. Before you play, make sure to get some knowledge of its controls. The controls are very simple and you won’t face any difficulty with their using. Let’s have a peek at this website.
So the Up arrow key is to accelerate the cars, Down arrow key is presented to move the car to the back side. When you need to pause the game simply press the Esc key.

Rich Cars 4

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