Balance and guide the ball in GYROBALL

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jun• 05•15

Flash games involving balls such as basketball, volleyball and soccer ball have been the mist appreciated games in the gaming world. But through the advancement of time, there comes the creation of skill games involving ordinary or simple balls like Gyroball. Curious about this skill game? Continue reading and be enlightened.
Gyroball is a skill game where one must be able to balance, guide and put the ball on the glowing goal platform and move on in the game. The description may seem so easy but when you are in the actual play, operation or navigation in this game requires timing, rhythm and strategy. Timing can be achieved by properly clicking the arrow Kenya on the desired direction and avoid the ball from falling and eventually, lose the game. When you are able to guide the ball in the goal platform, you will advance in the next level. Gyroball really challenges your skill in handling the ball towards the target place.


Get info about Return Man 2

Written By: Arcade Kids - May• 27•15

The 2nd part is here which is a sequel of a popular series return man. This 2nd version called Return Man 2 is similar to another game called American Football Game because the idea of both games is same. In both of these two games, the player will need to stop the attacks from his enemies. Need to know more about return man 2? Well, see this website and get more information.
Keep in mind that your enemies will try to take the ball from you and you have to block them and save the ball from being reached in their hands. A lot of special moves can be seen here in this game, that can help you unlock some additional and extra defensive stands. So that way you can stop them easily from catching behind you.

Return Man 2

Problems in Hotel Escape 2

Written By: Arcade Kids - May• 21•15

Hotel Escape 2 is here to give you excitement and so much fun! It is the second part of the Hotel Escape series. In this part, you will see a hotel room, which has been nicely and perfectly designed by the developers. The room was filled with different kinds of furniture and facilities. However, you will need and like to get some fresh air though. The game is not easy as it looks. It has many difficult levels, which should be completed successfully by the players.
Your mission is finding your way out. To escape from this hotel, you can use your mouse by pointing and clicking at any possible clues or items that could help you. You should be smart enough to find your way out. Your clicks are counted so you must think before you click. And once you start, your time is running! Start playing and try to find your way out as soon as possible!

Hotel Escape 2

Enjoy stairs in Fancy Pants 3

Written By: Arcade Kids - May• 15•15

Looking to experience more challenging levels? Well, try Fancy Pants 3, the third version of a series Fancy Pants. Although, the levels and stages are difficult to complete, harder to achieve, and tough to play but don’t worry, these are very interesting and entertaining. How the levels are interesting? Well, because you will need to think more than you have thought in the previous versions one and two. So the tasks are harder a little bit, so thinking will be needed to complete them perfectly.
Don’t try to discover the adventures in this game on your own, because everything has been explained by the developer and you can find the detail on the main screen by clicking the related links which will lead you to the detail of the game. Enjoy some stairs and towers in this game.

Fancy Pants 3

Use easy controls in Four Wheel Fury

Written By: Arcade Kids - May• 07•15

Like to play the game that provides you the facility of driving the vehicles? Love to earn more and more points? Well, Four Wheel Fury is for you where you have to complete the task first to gain extra bonus and to win the game. You will find several ribbons along the way, must collect them if you need to earn more points. A very funny game for all ages including kids, teens, and adults. There are a few game’s controls which are easy to follow and use. The controls are the arrow keys, a few numbers such as 1, and 2, and M key.
The player will need to press the arrow keys when he will drive, changing the view can be performed by pressing the 1 and the 2 key. Toggling the map would be possible by pressing the M key.

Four Wheel Fury

Play rail rush 2 on your phone

Written By: Arcade Kids - May• 01•15

Have you satisfied at with playing the first edition of the series rail rush? If yes, then get ready for the 2nd one, rail rush 2. I believe you will enjoy it like you have the first one. Here you will see some new and different characters playing on the screen especially the character that are hidden and they are many. Anyhow, the first few levels are very hard and challenging because remembering the keys and buttons will be a tough task for you in this game to overcome. But if you are the player who has very good memory power, then it will not be a big issue for you at least.
The challenging part of this game is crossing the obstacles which are many in this game. An extremely nice interface has been designed for this game, and you are free to download it for your andriod phone as well.

rail rush 2

Red Beard 2 is back with more adventures!

Written By: Arcade Kids - Apr• 27•15

Were you a fan of the game Red Beard? If you are, that’s great. You’re just one of the many people who have been won over by this awesome and amazing game. If you’ve been wanting to play more of this classic game for years and years and years, then your long wait is over because Red Beard is back with more. Red Beard 2 is the remake of the classic game. With better graphics and game play, this new game proves to be a worthy installment to the original game. In this, you get to play with more items like buttons, portals, tunnels and so much more! The creators of the game really made sure that your experience with the game will be nothing but the best.

Therefore, start playing Red Beard 2 and discover the joy of playing once again.

Red Beard 2

Enjoy 1st version Effing Worms 1

Written By: Arcade Kids - Apr• 25•15

The author Effing Games has created the first edition of a series and named it Effing Worms 1. Do you want you were a worm? Your mission is how to dig underground passeges and tunnels. When some hippies, cows, cops and pedestrians go through these tunnels they will wonder because of your this job. Your other mission in this game it to feed the large four footed animals as well.
The controls include W, S, A, D and the arrow keys. You have to use them according to the developer’s requirements. The category of this game is Funny Games, and it was launched on 3rd of Sep, 2010. Over 8,987,786 times it has been enjoyed by hundreds of people.You are going here to kill anything you face, eat it and become fat and big.

Effing Worms 1

Space is Key is back with more!

Written By: Arcade Kids - Apr• 24•15

Finished playing Space is Key 1 and dying for more? The answer to your problems is finally here! Your favorite game is back with Space is Key 2. If it’s your first time playing the game, let’s get you started on the objectives. The objective of the game is still the same as its predecessor. You have to overcome all of the obstacles in the game by timing your jumps effectively. Be sure not to hit any blocks or you’ll turn into particles! The game also gives you comments that are very fun and entertaining to read. It’s like having a friend guide you all throughout your adventure.
Space is Key 2 is equipped with 20 difficult levels that you have to overcome, all varying in difficulty. Don’t worry about it too much though. Just sit back, relax and have fun playing this very fun, exciting and challenging game!

Space is Key 2

Drive using 2 fingers in Kamikaze Race

Written By: Arcade Kids - Apr• 19•15

Love racing games? Like to drive fancy cars and compete with your friends? Play Kamikaze Race and drive the car on the busy road and must stay alive and fit as long as possible in this racing game. At full throttle, remember that the breaks will refuse to work properly and the accelerator will be jammed. When you need to steer the car, you will have to use the right and left arrow keys.
Tasty play is the company who developed this game, where you have to use your two fingers when the driving of the car is needed. Using only 2 fingers is great, but you may face some difficulties while driving because of a lot of traffic. The game is a bit hard to play, so the player can enjoy it. The graphics are no so attractive but are acceptable.

Kamikaze Race