Build your tower in Tower Blaster

Written By: Arcade Kids - Sep• 23•15

Tower Blaster is a mind game involving math. You will play against the Vikings, and has to finish building your tower first. You are given a set of blocks with corresponding numbers but not arranged from lowest to highest. Your aim is to build your tower with the numbered blocks, the lowest number at the top and the highest at the bottom.
You and the Vikings will each have a turn to choose between a given number and a secret one. But once you chose, you cannot change your answer anymore. If you chose the secret one, you will be asked if you will continue to use the block.When changing the given numbered block, you have to put in mind the arrangement of the blocks and that you are racing with the Vikings. Tower Blaster will enhance your strategic and logical abilities. What is good about this game is it also improves your memory.

Tower Blaster (2)

Lead your troops in Commando 3

Written By: Arcade Kids - Sep• 14•15

Action packed games are very popular among gamers worldwide because of three factors. One factor is because of the fact that it is full of action and fighting which somehow excites or thrills the players. Second factor is because of the features that one can see as the game progresses. Third factor is because of the goals which may seem simple but hard to execute completely. Commando 3 is a great example of an action game.
This is actually the third part from the highly addictive series named Commando. Continue reading this content for more details. This third installment is a game of real time tactics. Since it involves tactics, you have to be strategic and analytic before making a move. Your mission is to defeat enemies by aiming and shooting them and their territory. If you are good in shooting, this is the best game for you. There are available health blocks as well as ammo if you don’t have enough fire power.

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Show Your Basketball Skills In March Mania

Written By: Arcade Kids - Aug• 18•15

This is a real pleasure for basketball fans! If you play or like watching basketball matches, you will also love March Mania. This is a real basketball match where you can make your own team, and choose whatever outfit style you want for your players. This is a real basketball tournament and you are a manager. You will quickly get familiar with the controls. Your players will be able to do all the stuff that real players do. They will dunk, dodge, pass and shoot. You goal in this game is to win a match. Your players are stick figures. At the beginning you can choose a tutorial mode to practice. It is called Midnight Madness.
If you are a beginner in playing this game, maybe it is best to choose this mode first. Then you can choose tournament mode and play a real game! Try it out and have fun!


Cursed Treasure 4: Protect the tower of gems

Written By: Arcade Kids - Aug• 01•15

Did you enjoy the Cursed Treasure series? Do you want some more of it? Well, Armor Games gives you the latest installment of the series, Cursed Treasure 4. The mechanics of this game is still the same as the previous installments.
You will have to protect the tower of gems from the malevolent opponents who will try to take your treasure away. If they successfully steal your gems, you will be killed and the game will be over. You can protect the tower of gems by tactically building up towers. You must have a strategical plan on every move, especially in building the three defense towers. Also, you can’t defend if you can’t kill. What’s new? Improved graphics, more selection of weapons and new powers are added in this installment. Also, more levels are to be unlocked. So if you are an ultimate gamer and a thrill seeker, play Cursed Treasure 4!

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Beat other racers in Speed Rally Pro

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jul• 21•15

The advancement of technology has vastly improved the way of life of many people. In terms of education, food, industries and communication, people are having an easy time doing things. In terms of transportation, there are different types of vehicles that are upgraded and improved for the better. People consider vehicles as one of the essentials in life but not all can afford to buy one. This shouldn’t make you sad because there is another way to experience driving and even racing. It is through the flash game called Speed Rally Pro. This is a super fun and exciting game for everyone.
The player will be given the option to choose what car he or she will use. He or she must compete with other sports car racer and be the best as much as possible. There are different tracks that one can enjoy. All you have to do is drive and race precisely and accurately. Search Speed Rally Pro now and enjoy racing.

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Save the City in Vehicles 3

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jul• 11•15

The flash game series Vehicles has been getting much popularity among gamers around the world because of three factors. First is the entertainment factor where the designs and graphics are very pleasant which corresponds to the characters. Second factor is the uniqueness because it enables a player enjoy a game where vehicles and puzzle blend really well. Last factor is the continuity pertaining to levels and the fact that it is a series. This has come up with the third installment which is named Vehicles 3.
There are new features involved in this new installment. The story of this game is that the bad vehicles are invading the city again and as a responsible vehicles, the municipal vehicles are trying their best to eliminate the invaders. The objective is to bump or crush bad vehicles by using the municipal vehicles like fire trucks, ambulance and police car. There are 36 exciting levels and 16 achievements that you should get to earn more points. Discover this fun driving game in Vehicles 3.


Ride your bike in Free Rider 3

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jul• 04•15

A bicycle is one of the oldest form of transportation which is also considered an environment friendly vehicle because of three factors. One is because it doesn’t require oil or gas so it will not release smoke that can harm the ozone layer. Second is because it is a good form of exercise which also makes it dual purpose. Last is because it is simple and handy unlike other vehicles which weights a lot. No wonder why it is incorporated in flash games like Free Rider 3. The main character in this game is a stickman who must ride his bike and race on the tracke created by the other racers.
The player must carefully guide the stickman in order to successfully finish the track without falling or bumping into obstacles. Use the keyboard to control the stickman’s jumping and moving abilities. Details about this game can be found in Search this website on your browser and be informed about this fantastic bicycle game. Play and enjoy it now!

Free Rider 3

Race your way towards the finish line in Resu Race

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jun• 28•15

There are three factors that contribute to the success and popularity car games have been receiving. First is because of the cars. Most of us dream to have a car but getting such goal is quite hard to reach but very possible. For the mean time, people can duel their fascinations in car games. Second is because it promotes healthy competition even in a virtual way. Somehow people manage to practice their competitiveness with car games. Third reason is because of the thrill one gets whenever he or she finish with high scores. If there were one simple game that fits all the description, it would be the Resu Race.
The rule in this game is very simple. A player needs to do everything he or she can from tilting, drifting and driving a car towards the finish line ahead of everybody. It is tough because the racers will be putting a tough battle so one must focus, precisely tilt, and drift to finish first. Resu Race can be search online for everybody to enjoy.

resu race

Be first on the finish line with Age of Speed 2

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jun• 19•15

The Flash. Fast and the Furious series. Japan’s bullet train. What is the common thing or characteristic among the words stated above? The answer is speed. The flash television series is about a hero who has the power of speed. Fast and the Furious series are about racing with cars. Japan’s bullet train is the fastest train in the world. Speed and racing have been incorporated with a lot of stuffs and if you want a new medium for this fascination, Age of Speed 2 is the one.
This is a game about racing with the use of cars. The rule of this game is to be the first racer to reach the finish line as well as the fastest record time possible. A player has the option to choose his or her car and there are upgrades available for better car performance. This game presents high quality of graphics that add up to the intensity and competitive atmosphere of racing. If you are interested in playing this wonderful flash game, you can try here.

age of speed 2

Help your little mouse in Scary Maze Game 3

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jun• 13•15

Haven’t you gotten enough scary maze games to last you a lifetime? Still need to play some more? Well your wish has been granted with Scary Maze Game 3! In the third installment of this popular game series, you are tasked to guide your mouse around the maze so that he can reach his favorite cheese that is found at the end of the maze. This can get very tricky because you have to be aware of the walls. Be sure not to touch them or else you will be in for a nice and quite terrifying surprise. To play the game, click this link:

Scary Maze Game 3 is an awesome installment to the very popular game series. It will not disappoint you and will actually leave you wanting for more. Invite your friends to play and have fun screaming together.

Scary Maze Game 3