Dress up the famous character in SpongeBob Dress Up

Written By: Arcade Kids - Dec• 09•15

Are you familiar with the cartoon character named SpongeBob? I am sure that most of us are pretty much familiar with it because SpongeBob is one of the well-known cartoon characters at this time. There are three reasons why SpongeBob is a sure hit among children and adults. First reason is because it is quite unique that a cartoon character is made up of a sponge. The creator is very wise to create such character out of a material without life. Second reason is because the character is funny and really entertaining. Last reason is because of the environment that surrounds the character which is proper. There is a flash game that features this character and it is called SpongeBob Dress Up.

This is a perfect game for someone who has a stylish characteristics because this is about dressing SpongeBob in different occasions and outfits. The objective of the player is to follow the instructions in the game which are mainly about dressing up and styling SpongeBob perfectly. This is your chance to engage with this famous cartoon character. Have fun and be stylish.


It’s a new adventure with Flood Runner 2

Written By: Arcade Kids - Dec• 06•15

Are you looking for a flash game that is exciting? Are you looking for a flash game that will make your heart beat faster? Are you looking for a flash game that will blow your mind? If you are affirmative with all the questions, then you will surely like the game to be presented in this game. The name is Flood Runner 2. It is the sequel to the very successful Flood Runner. This game is exciting because of the graphics and designs present for gamers to fond about.


This game will make your heart beat faster because of the mission that you will have to execute that involves a lot of running and jumping. This game will blow your mind because it will literally thrills you with the game proper and progress. The mission is to run ahead of the dangers such as flood, lava and a giant. This second edition offers new developments such as two selectable characters, new wings, or glider features, surfboard, gems, springs and ramps as well as a speedometer. If you want to engage with Flood Runner 3, you can search for it online with a great site.

Reach the unreachable space in Luis Launch

Written By: Arcade Kids - Nov• 19•15

Are you familiar with Luis Launch? Do you have any idea what is this all about? Have you encountered this before? If your answer to all the questions is a no, it is totally understandable. You will be informed eventually as you read this article. Luis Launch is an example of a flash game. It has something to do with the outer space. There are two reasons why you would love playing this game. One is because it is out of the box which means that it tackles the unusual themes making it distinctive and stand out among other games. Two is because it is fun, entertaining and awakening.

Luis Launch

Fun and entertaining which you will experience as the game progresses. Awakening in the sense that it will make your mind curious about endless possibilities that the world has. Luis Launch is about reaching the outer space. The player will have to help, guide and navigate the main character who is Luis Castanon. The reason of his adventure is to celebrate Luis Day. Help him collect beans for power ups and earn money for upgrades so that he can be successful in reaching the outer space.

Train and serve in Assault C 2

Written By: Arcade Kids - Nov• 15•15

Assault C 2 is a flash game that is related to military. It also stands for Assault Course 2. This is a new 3D game that offers entertainment and learnings to people who will engage with it. As we all know, being in the military is not an easy thing because you have to undergo some tough trainings before you can move forward. Good thing, there is a flash game that lets you tackle the military training without sweating a bit. You will find out more about this game if you continue reading this whole article.

Assault C 2 (3)

The player’s objective is to help the character in the game who is a soldier undergoing military training. There will be a series of obstacles and exercises that the soldier must execute with excellence. You will have to help him by navigating and guiding him throughout the training. Help him roll and jump on certain obstacles and make sure that he will finish all of them in time. The main website of this game can be found online.

Place The Right Blocks In Tower Blaster

Written By: Arcade Kids - Nov• 04•15

In this very amusing game you need to build your tower by collecting blocks. All blocks are numbered and your aim is to place them in the right numerical order. So the smallest number is at the top and the highest number at the bottom. You will of course have an opponent you will be doing the same thing and your goal is to finish first!

Controls of the game are quite simple and the tutorial explains everything. You just need to click on the block you want to use and then click where you want to place it. But you won’t see your opponent’s building because it is covered with a curtain. And if you place them in the good order you will receive a bonus. For example if you place block number 5 above number 6 you will get a bonus. So if you like what you heard about this game, try it out and have fun!!

Tower Blaster (4)

Transport your passengers to safety in Skywire 1

Written By: Arcade Kids - Oct• 28•15

Skywire 1 is the first edition from the very electrifying and exciting gamer series called Skywire. Since this is the first one or first edition, it will serve as the introduction of the adventure that the whole game series will tackle as it progresses. This features a chair lift and passengers in it. But before we go to the main details about this game, let us quickly discuss two facts that will attract players to engage with this game. One is because of the challenges waiting to be unveiled and experienced. The other one is because of the graphics and background created to make it appealing.

skywire 1 (3)

The player’s role in this game is to control and navigate the chair lift where the passengers are seating. The most important thing is that they will be able to reach the safety line or goal line safe. Along the way are the hinders and obstacles set up to stop your from accomplishing your goal such as birds, frogs and frogs. There are 20 levels that you can enjoy. Search for www.skywire3.com/skywire-1 to know this game more.

An action-packed battle in Heli Attack 3

Written By: Arcade Kids - Oct• 21•15

A Helicopter is a great invention because it serves as an alternative aerial mode of transportation if your destination is near. This is used whenever one wants to get rid of the heavy traffic or an urgent matter that needs to be deal with. It is adorable to know and see that there are flash game creators who incorporates a helicopter in their graphics, themes and characters. In fact, one great example is the one called Heli Attack 3. If you are curious about this game, you can utilize the content of this article.

Heli Attack 3  (4)

Heli Attack 3 is an example of a run and shooter game in which the player has to maneuover a helicopter and lead the aerial pack of helicopters towards the enemy’s base. You have to aim towards the enemies and their territory and shoot accurately. There are 30 available weapons that you can utilize to win in this game as well as earning higher scores or points.

Kingdom Rush 4: The most acclaimed fantasy defense game

Written By: Arcade Kids - Oct• 17•15

Another sequel of one of the best defense tower games Kingdom Rush Strikes the world of online gaming. Kingdom rush 4 is an epic journey where you defend your kingdom from the invaders. The game comes with the same old concept that is defending the castle and killing the intruders. You have to build your own army, defeat the bad peoples coming to take over your castle and save the people who depends upon you.

Kingdom rush 4 (3)

To know more about the game visit www.kingdomrush3.org/kingdom-rush-4. Each level comes with whole new challenges that you have to face. Winning the levels provides you with marvelous rewards. One can use this rewards for purchasing equipment’s and spells in forthcoming levels. Kingdom Rush has nothing new to offer. It comes with the same old gameplay but fans of this game will definitely like it.

Color the world in Make My Rainbow

Written By: Arcade Kids - Oct• 06•15

Can you imagine the world without colors? Can you imagine life without colors? The answer is you can’t because everything is blank and black. That is the reason why colors are integral part or element in our environment. They give life to plants, animals and other living things. They make the world a colorful and happy. There is no wonder that there is a flash game that highlights colors and it is called Make My Rainbow.


To know more about this game, feel free to scan and skim this whole article now! God is the creator of everything in the universe. He created colors from the grey trey. He created the color yellow first. It is the player’s role to continue creating the colors from the magical trey. One will have to point and click on certain items, which will be put on the magical pot, and if all of it is correct, the magical pot will create a rainbow where different colors are presented. This is a flash game, which will surely be appreciated and enjoyed by kids, and it is a good medium to introduce different colors to them.

Utilize the traffic lights in Traffic Control 2

Written By: Arcade Kids - Oct• 04•15

Are you familiar with traffic lights? Do you have any idea why they exist on the streets or roads? The answer why they exist is to organize the movement of road and traffic situation. What will happen if these lights are not set up and created? The scenario would be chaos and the road will be crowded to the maximum level. We are lucky that because of the advancement of technology, almost all the aspects of living are catered and positively affected. These statements are listed here because they have something to with the topic at hand. The name of the flash game is Traffic Control 2, which will be further discussed, in the next paragraph.


The player’s mission or goal in this exciting game is to utilize the traffic lights. He or she has to organize the traffic flow by properly operating the traffic lights so that there will be no accidents and other problem that can occur on the road. This is a good medium to raise awareness about the importance of traffic lights as well as the purpose of their creation to younger individuals, which can be used in the near future.