Lots of scary stuffs found at Scary Woo

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jun• 24•16

Do you know what Scary Woo is? This is not a scary movie nor a thrilling television series but a crazy but exciting compilation of games. There are lots of games that you can see on this page. But before we move on to further details, let us tackle two reasons why scary themes are emerging as popular in the entertainment mediums that we have now. First is because of the reality that people love adventure of all kinds whether it is happy or scary.

Second is because of the fact that being thrilled and scared is sometimes good on an individual standpoint because there is a saying that if you are afraid of something, then you are a human. Going back with Scary Woo, the games that you can find are Scary Maze Game, New Year Maze Game, Find the Difference, Cheese Maze Game, Scary Flappy Bird and others. The common denominator among these games is that they all have scare factor. Try visiting them at www.scarywoo.com.


A different setting in Earn to die 5

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jun• 14•16

The Earn to Die game series focused on escaping from town or places invaded by the zombies. The main character will escape by driving a vehicle as far as possible, smash zombies on the way, and upgrading the vehicle once there is enough cash. It would be impossible to finish the game with just the vehicle from the start. Eventually, the player will need to buy the two other vehicles one at a time and both upgrading them fully.

Nonetheless, the same concept or gameplay is applied in Earn to Die 5 Battlefield Medic: WWII. Only, the setting was changed into World War II and you are not escaping from zombies anymore. You are a medic transport driver and you need get to the hospital as fast as you can to help save lives. You will not be smashing zombies, instead run over enemy soldiers who are standing on your way. But you will still use three vehicles to finish the game.


Make your virus powerful in Pandemic 4

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jun• 03•16

Playing games, actual or online, is a good way to bond with family or friends. And one good online game for bonding is the Pandemic game series. And in the fourth sequel, Pandemic 4, once again experience to be the enemy. Players need to cooperate well in order to reach the goal: to create a deadly biological virus and spread it all over the world for the extinction of the human race.

You can make your virus strong by increasing its characteristics as to its lethality, drug resistance and infectivity. You can spread your virus through modes of air, water and travel. Take note that humans are intelligent beings, they can find and develop a cure against your virus and make their citizens immune. But if you develop your virus strong, you can attack even the immune and those who had recovered. Read on and play at http://www.pandemic4.org.

Pandemic 4

Guide and control the orange ball in Cover Orange Journey Pirates

Written By: Arcade Kids - May• 19•16

Are you familiar with Cover Orange Journey Pirates? Is it a movie, a television series or a flash game? If your answer pertains to the first two options, then you are incorrect because Cover Orange Journey Pirates is an example of a flash game. This features a cute orange pirate that will be going to an adventure of a lifetime. It is quite noticeable that in different entertainment mediums, pirates are commonly or constantly incorporated. There are two reasons why. First is because of the fact that they are mysterious and brave. Second is because of the angst that they bring as well as the strength they feature.


If you are interested in playing this particular game, then you should be informed about the game proper. Your goal or mission in this game is to control and guide the orange ball pirate throughout the game. There will be hindrances or obstacles that you will have to overcome by covering the cute orange ball through utilization of the items present in the game.

Be familiar with the game in Uphill Rush Walkthrough

Written By: Arcade Kids - May• 08•16

Do you have an idea what a walkthrough is? If you are completely clueless, then let this article help you be enlightened with this particular topic. A walkthrough is a visual explanation of a particular game. There are two advantages that people can get from a walkthrough. First is the chance to be familiar with the game that he or she is currently engaging at the moment. Second is the chance to be successful or triumphant with the difficulty of the game.

Uphill Rush Walkthrough (2)

This article that you are currently reading presents a good example. It is called Uphill Rush Walkthrough. If you are familiar with the game series called Uphill Rush and having difficulties playing it, then this is the perfect solution for you. This will explain to you the game proper of Uphill Rush. The goal or objective is to race in different tracks and eventually winning them all. See this now and have an exciting game ahead.

Overcome the dangers in Vex 4

Written By: Arcade Kids - Apr• 29•16

Vex 4 is the fourth installment from the game series with the same title minus the number 4 on it. This is a game that incorporates a stick figure. Before we move on to the details of this game, let us quickly talk about stick figures. It is noticeable that they are frequently featured or incorporated in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games because of two reasons. First is because of the familiarity that most people have with them because they are the ones used to symbolize people in terms of drawings and graphics. Second is because of the entertainment factor that they have.


The goal of the player in this game is to control and guide the stick figure to reach the end of each level. There are obstacles and dangers that set up on the game which you have to overcome to win in this game. This is my game, your game and everybody’s game.

Utilize the tennis balls in Raft Wars 2

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jan• 30•16

Are you familiar with Raft Wars 2? Do you know what is this thing all about? If not, you will surely be enlightened with the help of this article. This is actually the second installment from the very successful flash game series called Raft Wars. This is about shooting while you are in water.

Raft Wars 2 (1)

There are two reasons why players will surely like this game. One is because its environment is a waterpark. Second is because it involves action and shooting skills. Please continue reading the remaining content of this article. The setting of this game is in a water park. Your mission as the player is to navigate around it . You will have to shoot tennis ball towards the enemies coming your way. Your mission is to retrieve your lost treasure which is placed at the water park. This water related shooting game can be played at http://www.raftwars2.org/.

Shoot accurately in DeadEye game

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jan• 11•16

If you like to practice target shooting, DeadEye game is perfect for your purpose. You will shoot the targets using your hand gun. Bullseye will give you one hundred score, the further your shot, the worse your score will be. The more accurate you shoot, the higher your score will be and the higher chance of leveling up. Remember that you have limited ammo for the time limit. If you run out of ammo before the time limit but was able to shoot accurately, you will go to the next level.


High accuracy is the key to leveling up in this game. Try your best to reveal the letters of DEADEYE for higher scores. Deadeye game is a simple yet very challenging game for those who like target shooting. Use your mouse to point and left click to shoot. Press spacebar on your keyboard to reload.

Search for the mischievious animals in Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 4

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jan• 01•16

If there is one flash game series that resembles cuteness and fun, it would be the Monkey Go Happy series.There are four factors that can define the success of the series. One factor are the monkeys which are cute, clever and lovable as the main characters in this game. Second factor is the editions included in the series which makes it exciting and give gamers something to look forward to. Third factor are the features and graphics found in this series that adds to the entertainment side. Last factor are the challenges that come in every goal or objective in each level. Due to people’s demand, it has come up with a new edition called Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 4.

Monkey go Happy mini monkeys 4 (3) copy

If you want to engage with this game, you must be aware of the rules or goals that you have to execute or accomplish. The objective in this game is to find all the 18 monkeys hidden in the game. All you have to do is solve the puzzles as well as find the little monkeys. They can be hidden somewhere in the games. Make sure you cheer them up to complete your mission. There are six scenes that you can enjoy. You can discover this game by searching for it through different gaming sites online.

A notch higher shooting game in Raze 1

Written By: Arcade Kids - Dec• 25•15

The future is a big question mark that most of us are working hard to create while others are always on the verge of pre-empting. All of us has no idea of what the future holds. The answer is uncertain now but that is the beauty of living which is about mysteries and adventures. To at least satisfy your imagination, there is a game called Raze 1. This game is about futuristic shooting. It has the touch of the future so you can say that it is a notch higher shooting game.


If you want to play this game, you must know the rules or goals first. The objective of the game is to shoot enemies and other objects that will cause you pain or damage. There are two game modes available: campaign and quick match. With the campaign mode, you will be given two categories. One is to play the human mode which you need to complete before moving to the Alien Mode. This is a futuristic shooting that will surely captivate your hearts and minds because of the ten exciting levels it has.