Most popular card games now on your computer

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jul• 10•16

Before games have been available on electronic gadgets and on computers, cards are one of the most popular pastime. Aside from the fact that you can play them anytime and anywhere, there are no other needed peripherals when playing, but the card itself. Being just a set of printed rectangular cards that they are, over time, people started making different ways to play with them. Different rules apply over different card games. All of them require the player strategic planning, decision making and good vision.

Card Games (5)

Now, your favorite card games are available in your computer if you cannot find a deck to play with. One of the most popular single player card games is the Solitaire. Also known as the Patience game, Solitaire has many variations, with different rules but the goal is almost the same: your goal is to stack the cards to its corresponding suit from Ace to King in proper order. 4 rows of cards are to be laid each one representing a suit. The player has to draw several cards (could be 4-7) from a deck and put one each row below the suit’s row. If there is no possible card that can be put in the suit row, the player has to draw another 4 cards and put it on top of each card on the second row. The player cannot move the cards beneath the new layer of card. Once all cards on the deck have been drawn, all cards are collected and returned to the deck. Playing cards may not be as fun as you play with the tangible ones but, as long as it serves its purpose to kill time.

So if you find yourself waiting for something and get caught yourself in a very empty situation but you cannot afford to sleep, a couple of games in the computer wouldn’t hurt but rather make your time well spent. You can even look for funny games with cards.

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