Make your virus powerful in Pandemic 4

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jun• 03•16

Playing games, actual or online, is a good way to bond with family or friends. And one good online game for bonding is the Pandemic game series. And in the fourth sequel, Pandemic 4, once again experience to be the enemy. Players need to cooperate well in order to reach the goal: to create a deadly biological virus and spread it all over the world for the extinction of the human race.

You can make your virus strong by increasing its characteristics as to its lethality, drug resistance and infectivity. You can spread your virus through modes of air, water and travel. Take note that humans are intelligent beings, they can find and develop a cure against your virus and make their citizens immune. But if you develop your virus strong, you can attack even the immune and those who had recovered. Read on and play at

Pandemic 4

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