Let’s Enjoy Penguin Diner

Written By: Arcade Kids - Nov• 03•13

There are different types of cooking games online. Can you imagine a cooking game of penguins? The penguin diner is such a game where you will play the role of a penguin that has a restaurant and you have to serve the customers. In this page you can play this amazing game.
Penguin Diner is a great online game and while playing the game you will have a great time. The game is very exciting and when you will play it you will enjoy it. The owner of the cooking shop has to sever the customers the foods. The customers will come to your shop and they will make order for foods. They will not give you lots of time to serve the foods but you have only four to five heaters. It is a difficult task to serve all the customers at a time but you have to make it sure because if you make any customer to wait for a long time then he will go away and you will start to lose the customers.

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