It’s a new adventure with Flood Runner 2

Written By: Arcade Kids - Dec• 06•15

Are you looking for a flash game that is exciting? Are you looking for a flash game that will make your heart beat faster? Are you looking for a flash game that will blow your mind? If you are affirmative with all the questions, then you will surely like the game to be presented in this game. The name is Flood Runner 2. It is the sequel to the very successful Flood Runner. This game is exciting because of the graphics and designs present for gamers to fond about.


This game will make your heart beat faster because of the mission that you will have to execute that involves a lot of running and jumping. This game will blow your mind because it will literally thrills you with the game proper and progress. The mission is to run ahead of the dangers such as flood, lava and a giant. This second edition offers new developments such as two selectable characters, new wings, or glider features, surfboard, gems, springs and ramps as well as a speedometer. If you want to engage with Flood Runner 3, you can search for it online with a great site.

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