Enjoy Completely Free Online Zombie Games

Written By: Arcade Kids - Dec• 29•14

Who doesn’t like a shooting game especially when it involves zombies. In the new Free Online Zombie Games in http://www.freeonlinezombiegames.net/ there are exciting levels of zombies shooting. This first person shooting game is very well liked by many people. You can play this thrilling flash game free in internet.
There are a number of exciting levels in this game. You have o kill the zombies in every level. But there are also some factors to consider too. You’ve given a limited amount of bullets. With those bullets you are to kill all the zombies. The zombies are in different places. So, you have to be very calculative how to hit them. The bullets have the quality of rubber and they goes to opposite direction after hitting an object. More points can be earned by killing those zombies with lowest amounts of bullets fired.


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