Enjoy 1st version Effing Worms 1

Written By: Arcade Kids - Apr• 25•15

The author Effing Games has created the first edition of a series and named it Effing Worms 1. Do you want you were a worm? Your mission is how to dig underground passeges and tunnels. When some hippies, cows, cops and pedestrians go through these tunnels they will wonder because of your this job. Your other mission in this game it to feed the large four footed animals as well.
The controls include W, S, A, D and the arrow keys. You have to use them according to the developer’s requirements. The category of this game is Funny Games, and it was launched on 3rd of Sep, 2010. Over 8,987,786 times it has been enjoyed by hundreds of people.You are going here to kill anything you face, eat it and become fat and big.

Effing Worms 1


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