Drive using 2 fingers in Kamikaze Race

Written By: Arcade Kids - Apr• 19•15

Love racing games? Like to drive fancy cars and compete with your friends? Play Kamikaze Race and drive the car on the busy road and must stay alive and fit as long as possible in this racing game. At full throttle, remember that the breaks will refuse to work properly and the accelerator will be jammed. When you need to steer the car, you will have to use the right and left arrow keys.
Tasty play is the company who developed this game, where you have to use your two fingers when the driving of the car is needed. Using only 2 fingers is great, but you may face some difficulties while driving because of a lot of traffic. The game is a bit hard to play, so the player can enjoy it. The graphics are no so attractive but are acceptable.

Kamikaze Race

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