Cursed Treasure 4: Protect the tower of gems

Written By: Arcade Kids - Aug• 01•15

Did you enjoy the Cursed Treasure series? Do you want some more of it? Well, Armor Games gives you the latest installment of the series, Cursed Treasure 4. The mechanics of this game is still the same as the previous installments.
You will have to protect the tower of gems from the malevolent opponents who will try to take your treasure away. If they successfully steal your gems, you will be killed and the game will be over. You can protect the tower of gems by tactically building up towers. You must have a strategical plan on every move, especially in building the three defense towers. Also, you can’t defend if you can’t kill. What’s new? Improved graphics, more selection of weapons and new powers are added in this installment. Also, more levels are to be unlocked. So if you are an ultimate gamer and a thrill seeker, play Cursed Treasure 4!

Cursed Treasure 4 (3)

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