Challenging Game-Island Tribe 2

Written By: Arcade Kids - May• 08•14

Island Tribe 2 is the second segment of this series game which is a great one that is available for you with new challenges. You have to repair roads and also you have to build your city. You have to do all the tasks to manage your island.
Island Tribe 2 is very good game to play that can give you really lots of fun. You have to collect the honey as your make your honeycomb. You have to gather the water from different places of the island. You also have to collect the gold so that you can build your island as your need. As the game is completely free you will be able to play it online whenever you want. It is a great game and if you love strategy games you can play it to get some fun. Your task is to build your own island to manage your city and it will be a big problem for you.


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