Cactus Mccoy 1: McCoy as a cactus figure

Written By: Arcade Kids - Feb• 16•15

Cactus McCoy was a common boy and his job was hunting and searching mysterious artifacts. While he was walking on his way, a shady guy proposed him to hunt a cactus ball that has been jeweled and covered deep interior the valley and offered him a handsome amount of money if he is ready to do this job. McCoy did not think about it for just a minute too, and accepted this proposal and went to find the treasure in that valley. This is a short description of Cactus McCoy 1.
After overcoming the obstacles and traps, McCoy finally did find the treasure which was fixed in a stone, figured with a human shape. When he grabbed the shiny cactus ball and took a night’s sleep without any awareness of the happening of horrific effect, he woke up, feeling himself as a cactus figure. Then what happened? Play the game to see it.

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