Written By: Arcade Kids - Dec• 07•12

Bubble struggle games are simple & they can be played through any devices which have the access power of flash players. The game controls are very easy; still they are hard to beat as you need to have better dodging skills for winning the difficulties of the levels you cross. You can also play these games on online websites like http://www.bubblestruggle.co/bubble-struggle-game/ for free. In this game, you will have a pink devil character, which will play the role of you. The character that is playing your role is very cool to look at. You control him so that he can finely shoot the balls. The sequels of this game have a hold on the primary ethics of the game, but the more sequels comes up, the more the animations & graphics get better in the game. Also the games becomes little hard to beat in the new versions of bubble struggle game.

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