A throwback kind of shooting in Carveola Incident

Written By: Arcade Kids - Aug• 16•16

Zombies are still myths because of the fact that there are no concrete evidences that will point to their true existence but they are still very interesting to watch or play through different entertainment mediums. There are two reasons why most people are very fascinated about them. First is because of the fact that their features are thrilling and scary at the same time. Second is because of their characteristics that are out of this world or unimaginable which makes most of us very curious to find out.

One perfect example of a flash game about zombies is Carveola Incident. This is an interesting game because it features history and a throwback scenario. It is about the World War 1 and the existence of zombies at that time. The mission of the players is to assemble a team that will shoot the zombies into pieces and get them where they belong. You must be able to utilize team work and great shooting scheme to win.

Carveola Incident (4)

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