A different setting in Earn to die 5

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jun• 14•16

The Earn to Die game series focused on escaping from town or places invaded by the zombies. The main character will escape by driving a vehicle as far as possible, smash zombies on the way, and upgrading the vehicle once there is enough cash. It would be impossible to finish the game with just the vehicle from the start. Eventually, the player will need to buy the two other vehicles one at a time and both upgrading them fully.

Nonetheless, the same concept or gameplay is applied in Earn to Die 5 Battlefield Medic: WWII. Only, the setting was changed into World War II and you are not escaping from zombies anymore. You are a medic transport driver and you need get to the hospital as fast as you can to help save lives. You will not be smashing zombies, instead run over enemy soldiers who are standing on your way. But you will still use three vehicles to finish the game.


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