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Beat other racers in Speed Rally Pro

The advancement of technology has vastly improved the way of life of many people. In terms of education, food, industries and communication, people are having an easy time doing things. In terms of transportation, there are different types of vehicles that are upgraded and improved for the better. People consider vehicles as one of the […]

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Save the City in Vehicles 3

The flash game series Vehicles has been getting much popularity among gamers around the world because of three factors. First is the entertainment factor where the designs and graphics are very pleasant which corresponds to the characters. Second factor is the uniqueness because it enables a player enjoy a game where vehicles and puzzle blend […]

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Ride your bike in Free Rider 3

A bicycle is one of the oldest form of transportation which is also considered an environment friendly vehicle because of three factors. One is because it doesn’t require oil or gas so it will not release smoke that can harm the ozone layer. Second is because it is a good form of exercise which also […]

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