red ball online game

Written By: Arcade Kids - Feb• 03•17

One adventure game you will truly enjoy playing is the Red Ball game series. You will love assisting the little red ball in all his undertakings, be it for fun or for heroism. You will find all sequels in

In Red Ball 1, there are seventeen levels to go through. As you play, you will get familiar with the controls and some techniques how to get through obstacles and problems. You can expect that levels will get harder as you go on. In Red Ball 2, king Red Ball had lost his crown while he was strolling. Afraid that his people will not recognize him as their king, he seeks for your help to find the lost crown. A love story began in Red Ball 3 when Red Ball had found the love of his life, Pink Ball. But while having fun, Black Ball saw them and thought he and Pink Ball are rather better together. And so he knocked down Red Ball and took Pink Ball away. Red Ball will do everything to take Pink Ball back.


Red Ball 4 came in trilogy. In Volume 1, a red ball was turned into a red square by Black Square. It was also shown that Black Square has captured some red balls which will also be turned into red squares. There was no mention whether Black Square is one and the same with Black Ball. In Volume 2, Red Ball continues in his journey to save the captive red balls and stop Black Square’s evil plans. In Volume 3, also known as Red Ball 6, Red Ball will enter the dangerous factory to finally save the red balls, the world and stop Black Square once and for all.

In Red Ball 5, the game diverted back to a simple adventure with added challenges. Red Ball must find the exit door of each level. But before he goes out, he should find hidden objects first and collect all gold stars as fast as possible. The Red Ball game series is a physics-based, puzzle and adventure game. It is one of the best adventure games you will find online.

Shopaholic New York girl go games

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jan• 09•17

Are you looking for an enjoyable game to play? Do you like dress up games? Do you love shopping? If you do, you will surely enjoy playing the Shopaholic game series. Shop like a millionaire! And best, you can do your shopping in New York in the Shopaholic: New York game.

The Big Apple is known as one of the most sophisticated places in the whole world. It is the fashion center of America. And it is every shopaholic girl’s dream to shop in that city. Imagine doing your shopping in the high streets of New York. Visit twenty establishments; sixteen of these establishments are for your shopping convenience. You can choose to work each day for some minutes in any one of the three jobs available: in the NY Law Office, in the coffee shop or in the Top Model office. You will be delighted that you can even earn extra allowance while shopping. Try your luck by spinning the wheel too and get extra cash for shopping.


At the Main Menu, you can either start a new game or continue a game if you have started one already. You will be asked to choose an avatar then to enter your name, age and star sign. You will be given six hundred dollars for your allowance. Then you will be brought to the streets of New York. A Daily Challenge will also be shown; complete it and earn extra cash for shopping. Spend your cash on clothes, shoes, accessories and even pets.

Shopaholic: New York is a real-time simulation dress up game perfect for fashion lovers. If you are into fashion, what are you waiting for? Visit to play the game for free. Experience the fun of shopping in New York. You can also play the game on your Android and iOS devices.

strike force heroes 4 game

Written By: Arcade Kids - Dec• 15•16

If you love action-packed war-like games, this is a great site to visit. Play all Strike Force Heroes game series and experience the fun of defending your base, conquering enemy terrain and protecting your own. Shoot all enemies you will see in sight.

The newest in the series, Strike Force Heroes 4, is yet another addicting and exciting shooting game. And it is not only about shooting; you also need to involve techniques and strategies. Kill all enemies you see; be quick though or you will be the one killed. And do not forget to pick power-ups.


You can play Strike Force Heroes 4 in two modes: in the Campaigns and in the Challenges. Make sure you have the right weapons and the skillful team for the Campaigns so they will not be too hard to survive. Whenever you finish a mission, you will unlock weapons. Though you can also buy them in the game shop using the cash you have earned during the game. Try playing in the slot machine too, you might win some unique and powerful weapons. These kinds of weapons are greatly useful in the battle. Visit the great site of the game series.

On the other hand, in the Challenges mode, your skills will be put into test. You will be facing death matches wherein you have to survive and finish the level. And when you finish a challenge, you will be unlocking additional skills. You can also acquire those skills in the game shop. However, the prices of those skills are your precious soldiers. Will you take the risk of losing soldiers to gain skills?

Strike Force Heroes 4, like its predecessors, will not bore you. Every level of both the Campaigns and Challenges has different conditions or goal. In some levels, you will be required to kill as many enemy soldiers as possible. While in some, you will be required to kill a certain number of enemy soldiers. In other levels, you will be required to earn a certain number of points. Visit the Great site of Strike Force Heroes 4 to know more.

Play Vex 2

Written By: Arcade Kids - Oct• 20•16

If you enjoy playing adventure games which will give you fun, try playing the Vex game series. Feel your adrenaline rush as you run, jump, swim and slide for your life. Play as the stick figure and head for the end of each Act. Levels in Vex games are called Acts. And the second installment, Vex 2, brings you more challenging Acts.

You might find it easy and simple when playing the first version of this game. If you are looking for harder challenges, this Vex 2 sequel is made for you. Before you begin and face the challenges, make yourself familiar first by taking the tutorial platform. You have to master first the game’s controls and how to play the game itself. You have been given ten acts to get it done. Be careful and make a perfect decision in your every single step because there are deadly obstacles along your way. Obstacles are more risky and are located everywhere.

This sequel, Vex 2, was developed to provide the numerous and continuous increasing demand of gamers after the release of the Vex 1 in only a very short span of time. This game has gained an amazing popularity not long after it was released. That is why there are a lot of improvements in this version since the acrobatic stickman is back in the show. These developments are made for the satisfaction and enjoyment of more and more online players.


Not only the improvements on the game this version is offered, it also offers the newly provided achievements room for you to check your track record on how you played the game and what you have just achieved. You can also find in this room what else you need to go through. There are in total of twenty nine accomplishments that you need to complete. Remember, you need to gain three stars at least to reach the seventh achievements. Unfortunately, it is not that simple to gain stars in Vex 2 version. As your achievement gets higher, the harder it is to get through. Accept the challenge now and survive the challenges.

A throwback kind of shooting in Carveola Incident

Written By: Arcade Kids - Aug• 16•16

Zombies are still myths because of the fact that there are no concrete evidences that will point to their true existence but they are still very interesting to watch or play through different entertainment mediums. There are two reasons why most people are very fascinated about them. First is because of the fact that their features are thrilling and scary at the same time. Second is because of their characteristics that are out of this world or unimaginable which makes most of us very curious to find out.

One perfect example of a flash game about zombies is Carveola Incident. This is an interesting game because it features history and a throwback scenario. It is about the World War 1 and the existence of zombies at that time. The mission of the players is to assemble a team that will shoot the zombies into pieces and get them where they belong. You must be able to utilize team work and great shooting scheme to win.

Carveola Incident (4)

Get a glimpse of how things are done in Operate Now: Leg Surgery

Written By: Arcade Kids - Aug• 01•16

One great simulation game existing online now is Operate Now: Leg Surgery. This is actually a part of the Operate Now series that is booming and getting a lot of appreciation and applause from gamers around the world. There are two reasons why. First is because of the fact that it is a simulation game which means that gamers can learn something from it. Second is because of the fact that this has something to do with Science and Medicine.

From the title alone, you can easily say that your objective or goal is to operate. But the first thing that you must do is to check up your patient. Run some tests and x-ray to find out what is really wrong with the leg. After that, you will decide on the procedure that you will execute. The operation is instructional which means you just have to follow everything on the game screen to play and be successful in this simulation game.


Shoot lasers and plasma guns in Plazma Burst 2

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jul• 31•16

Get ready for some extraterrestrial warfare, shoot laser beams, photon cannons and railguns. Plazma Burst 2 will set your action game standards to a whole new level, with its intense action, superb graphics and awesome background music. Fight against the army that invaded the earth and take back the humans’ planet. The action and fight scenes in Plazma Burst 2 is one of the best, you can see blood leak out of a soldier’s suit, but you can turn that off if you are playing with a child or you are not that type of person who likes gore.

The weapon system is good, you can choose from a wide variety of weapons that are out of this planet or you can also pick up fallen enemies weapons. You control the rougue soldier who is trying to set the earth free. You control his movements by using the W,A,S and D. and you aim his gun by using the mouse, left click to fire and spacebar to jump. You can also switch through 4 weapons, depending on how you like to eliminate the enemy, using number keys 1-4. There is also a special feature where you can slow down everything, for a duration that nobody knows. It is a pretty sweet feature when you are in a fight, where the awesome background music starts playing and you are killing an enemy using the sword. But admit it, it sucks to be walking around in slow motion, so you will be keeping the toggle switch on the slow-mo feature which is Z. At the end of each stage there is a checkpoint, where you will start off in the next stage. There are 13 challenging stages which will be plenty of action and adventure for a flash game. There are 3 different levels that you can choose from, the hard mode is something that can be changed to impossible, it is extremely difficult and enemies have their health points regenerating.

Plazma Burst 3 (5)

Plazma Burst 2 is more than your single player shooting game. There are lots of achievements that you can obtain by doing certain tasks. There is also a custom map feature where you can play stages that are made by other players. But if you really want to challenge your friends then you can play in the multiplayer mode. Be sure to check the game at

Solve a puzzle, destroy a base in Semantic Wars

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jul• 20•16

Defending the castle too easy? Then try invading an enemy castle with your forces while solving a word puzzle. Push your multitasking senses in Semantic Wars. Train your troops while filling the letters of a word. Yes, you have to do it in the same time. Run out of words and run out of troops. The goal of the game is to defeat enemy troops and destroy their castle. Train a warrior, an archer or a wizard depending on which type do you need, training requires money so you need to collect first.

So, you need to get all the letters in a phrase or word that will show in the bottom part of your screen. Each correct letter will give you money, while entering a wrong one will cost you some penalty, make sure that you are entering one letters at a time and make use of the clue on top of the word.There are also boxes that fall from the sky which contain some loot money and letters to the word you are currently solving. After destroying the enemy base, you will be scored based on word accuracy and time. There are 3 levels of the game that will keep you busy for the time being, now you can combine destroying and learning at the same time.

Semantic Wars (1)

Most popular card games now on your computer

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jul• 10•16

Before games have been available on electronic gadgets and on computers, cards are one of the most popular pastime. Aside from the fact that you can play them anytime and anywhere, there are no other needed peripherals when playing, but the card itself. Being just a set of printed rectangular cards that they are, over time, people started making different ways to play with them. Different rules apply over different card games. All of them require the player strategic planning, decision making and good vision.

Card Games (5)

Now, your favorite card games are available in your computer if you cannot find a deck to play with. One of the most popular single player card games is the Solitaire. Also known as the Patience game, Solitaire has many variations, with different rules but the goal is almost the same: your goal is to stack the cards to its corresponding suit from Ace to King in proper order. 4 rows of cards are to be laid each one representing a suit. The player has to draw several cards (could be 4-7) from a deck and put one each row below the suit’s row. If there is no possible card that can be put in the suit row, the player has to draw another 4 cards and put it on top of each card on the second row. The player cannot move the cards beneath the new layer of card. Once all cards on the deck have been drawn, all cards are collected and returned to the deck. Playing cards may not be as fun as you play with the tangible ones but, as long as it serves its purpose to kill time.

So if you find yourself waiting for something and get caught yourself in a very empty situation but you cannot afford to sleep, a couple of games in the computer wouldn’t hurt but rather make your time well spent. You can even look for funny games with cards.

Find your way out again in Escape the Room 3

Written By: Arcade Kids - Jul• 08•16

If you enjoy solving puzzles and escape games, this game is for you. Escape the Room 3 is the third sequel of the Escape the Room game series. You will play as Anthony, the main character of the game. You are trapped in a room and you have to get out from it. You have to search and find items, or pick them up. Look for clues too.

You will use those items and clues to find more items and clues until you finally find your way out of the room. This game is for people who have the passion of solving puzzles and are patient and persevere. You will be going back and forth on several locations. It would be a boring game for players who just want a fun and light game. Find your way out and escape the room again.